Understanding the Five Stages of Braces

February 27th, 2023

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You have decided to get your crooked teeth straightened at Iritani Orthodontics. But you may still have concerns about what the whole orthodontic process is. This blog has the five basic steps of getting braces, so you know what to expect.

Stage #1 - The Consultation

During the initial appointment, your orthodontist examines your teeth and jaws. Depending on your particular case, it can last from 30 minutes to one hour. Digital impressions are taken of your upper and lower arch. We discuss our concerns, solutions, and possible risks of getting orthodontic appliances. 

The best part of this appointment is the before and after photos of previous patients with similar orthodontic needs. You see how your treatment can transform your smile. We also take this time to discuss different types of orthodontic treatment options like tooth-colored ceramic braces, traditional braces, or clear aligners. We then tackle fees and whether you have insurance benefits. 

Stage #2 - Bonding/Banding

If you have chosen traditional metal braces, the second stage is when the braces are finally attached to your teeth. Some patients may require spacers placed between teeth to create small gaps a week or two beforehand. 

The small spacers are removed, and the brackets are carefully placed and cemented to the front of your teeth. The arch wires lay on top of the brackets, connecting everything. At this point, you can choose color elastics that hold the wire on the frame. 

Getting braces doesn’t hurt, but it takes time. We have to prep the teeth for the brackets, carefully position onto each tooth, run the archwire through and finally tighten things up!

Afterward, you are given care instructions and a list of foods to avoid. We teach you about the changes in oral hygiene while wearing braces and how to clean your teeth to prevent tooth decay. 

Please know that for every instance you break a bracket, the entire orthodontic treatment will extend for an extra month. So it is wise to listen to the orthodontist’s instructions.

Stage #3 - Regular Adjustments Stage

Routine appointments are scheduled every 4-7 weeks for 30 minutes to monitor progress and make adjustments and wire modifications. The braces are tightened, rubber bands are changed, and broken brackets are replaced. 

Stage #4 - Debanding Stage

The debanding stage is one to celebrate. We finally remove your braces and give you a thorough polishing so you can see how amazing your new smile looks without all that metal blocking your view! The debanding appointment usually takes about an hour.

Stage #5 - Retainer Stage

The last stage is when a retainer is made to keep your straight teeth in the final position. Your retainer is to be worn constantly except while eating or drinking anything other than water. It’s critical to wear your retainer as directed by your orthodontist to avoid having to undergo the process again!

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Iritani Orthodontics are expert in orthodontic care. We know how to correct bad bites to give you the most beautiful smile. We are with you at each stage of the treatment plan. Give us a call today to learn about all the types of braces we offer.

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