What Sets Us Apart

Small Family Practice

Dr. Iritani and Dr. Matt do the majority of the orthodontic work. It's one of the doctors, not a staff member, that puts on your braces or discusses treatment during the new patient consultation.

Personal Access

You have access to the doctors' personal cell phone numbers, and should something come up, we encourage you to reach out. Relationships matter to us.


We offer Saturday appointments so your kids do not necessarily have to miss school. We also plan our office hours around all school districts' yearly calendars. Our new office will be directly across the street from Cherry Creek High School. If you are a working parent whose kids go to Creek or will be going Creek, they can walk over during an off period.


Same Day Appointments

We can schedule your orthodontic and pediatric dental appointments on the same day so you miss less school. If you are not yet in treatment or have already finished treatment, we can schedule your observation or retainer check appointments on days you are already coming to our office.


Both Dr. Iritani and Dr. Matt teach in the orthodontic residency program at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Together we have 30+ years of experience and are board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.


We take handwrist radiographs to evaluate adolescent growth to determine the optimal time to treat. Evaluating growth plates in your hand gives us more detailed information than other methods, so we are better able to predict when to start in order to be in treatment the least amount of time. We also bond braces using indirect bonding to 1) save time during the bonding appointment and 2) reduce overall treatment time by placing braces more accurately.


We have lived and practiced in our single office location since the inception of Iritani Orthodontics over 30 years ago. Dr. Matt went to Cottonwood Elementary, Campus Middle and Cherry Creek High School. You will find us at various activities for our patients or out and about in the neighborhood.

Retainers For Life

At the end of treatment, we can 3D print a set of your digital models. If in the future you misplace your retainers or they wear out, you can bring in your 3D printed models and we can make new retainers for a small copay.

Patra Watana Pediatric Dentistry & Iritani Orthodontics

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